Winter Wellness


From October 2023 to March 2024, Elizabeth House Community Centre will be supporting Camden and Islington residents aged 65+ to stay warm, safe, active and connected, this winter and beyond through the Winter Wellness project. We aim to do this by reaching out to people over the phone and meeting people in the community.

Our team of Community organisers will:

  • Connect you to organisations who will help keep your home warm and safe, provide benefits and housing advice, and keep your bills low;
  • Help you to access health services and advice on where to get a flu jab or COVID booster;
  • Introduce you to local groups/activities, like our Over 50’s lunch club with gentle exercise and Women’s group;
  • Connect you with organisations to help with practical tasks;
  • Arrange small grants and other support for people in difficult circumstances.

In partnership with Camden & Islington Public Health Department, Elizabeth House can help older neighbours to access vital support such as housing repairs, advice on health services and flu jabs, measures to make homes warmer, help to lower energy bills, essential financial and benefits advice, introduce you to local groups and activities as well as provide advice around the coronavirus pandemic.

If you or someone you know could benefit from the above support of Elizabeth House, contact us on or 020 7690 1300.

For more information see our Elizabeth House Winter Wellbeing leaflet 2022-23

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